2016/2017 Visiting Guest Artists

06 / July / 2016

July 6, 2016

A short presentation of the visiting guest artists who will work at the Scuola alongside our resident artists and students.

The Visiting Guest Artists Full Fellowship call for applications was a real success. We received 88 applications from all over the world. The selections were made by a committee of four: the arts director of the Scuola Matilde Dolcetti; Franco Vecchiet, artist-printmaker from Trieste; Edward Bernstein, professor emeritus at Indiana University’s MFA Printmaking Program; Lorenzo de Castro, director of programs at the Scuola. Here is a brief presentation of the recipients. Following the link to their websites you will be able to learn more about the great artists who will join us soon at the Scuola.


Alida Sayer

4 September – 15 October 2016

Alida Sayer➤ is a British artist whose practice explores the encoding of experience and modes of apprehending the intangible. She has exhibited in solo, group and touring shows internationally and undertaken residencies in South Korea, Scotland and England. Sayer trained at The Royal College of Art (MA Sculpture, 2014) and at Glasgow School of Art (BA Hons Visual Communication, 2009) and was a 2015-16 Research Associate at Firstsite, Colchester, UK. Alida has been visiting lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow (UK), and Norwich University of the Arts at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (UK), and has delivered seminars and lectures to students at The Royal College of Art, London (UK), and Paju Typography Institute, Paju Book City (South Korea).
 Alida will be visiting guest artist during the Emerging Artists September Residency➤

Alida Sayer
Alida Sayer




2_Alice_ONeill1 September- 15 October 2016

Alice O’Neill➤ is an American artist driven by storytelling. By simultaneously working in photography, drawing, painting and photography she has left the door open for cross-pollination and play. She has exhibited in solo and group shows both nationally and internationally. Alice received her training from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (MFA Graphics, 2012), the University of Brighton-UK (MA Printmaking & Professional Practice, 2009) and the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA Printmaking, 2006). She spent July 2012 as an artist-in-residence at the Vermont Studio Center and work at Tandem Press from 2010-2012. Alice is an Adjunct Critic in the Printmaking Department at the Rhode Island School of Design. Alice will also be visiting guest artist during the Emerging Artists September Residency➤




Alice O'Neill
Alice O’Neill






kate steenhauer1 November – 18 December 2016

Kate Steenhauer➤ is a Dutch artist who lives and works in Scotland. Kate produces work on Scottish cultural heritage, landmarks and industries using oil paint and intaglio printmaking techniques. Her art work to date has examined life at the shipyards, heliport and hangars of Aberdeen, the “Oil Capital of Europe”. The current projects tackle life behind the iconic whisky industry animating coopers and coppersmiths who play a key part within this Scottish economic and cultural asset, as well as focus on life at Knockando Woolmill, which produces woolen textiles on Victorian machinery. Kate has won several awards among which a Royal Scottish Academy Award, and regularly exhibits at the Royal Scottish Academy and Visual Arts Scotland in Edinburgh, the Mall Galleries and Royal College of Art in London, as well as at regional and local Scottish art events and exhibitions. Multiple works are held in permanent public collection such as Aberdeen Maritime Museum and Angus Council in the UK.





Kate Steenhauer
Kate Steenhauer



Ellis O'Connor9 January – 19 February 2017

Ellis O’Connor➤ is a visual artist from Scotland working in drawing, printmaking and photography. She uses this visual language to challenge assumptions about the natural environment, to reinterpret the grandeur of natural land forms, and to re-present this visual information laden with power.
O’connor developes her attachment to the barrenness of rock and fragile lands, and show ambition by working in places of sparse population. While humans are absent, the spectral presence of the viewer who sees this land understands that it Is not ‘empty’, but rather filled with the same elements that sustain all life. She has won awards such as the William Sangster Phillips Award, Royal Scottish Academy Landscape Award, Fleming Collection selected Scottish Artist, Dundee Visual Art and Craft Award, Bernard Cooper Memorial Prize, Royal Scottish Academy John Kinross Florence Scholarship.




Ellis O'Connor
Ellis O’Connor




Mandy Bonnell20 February – 26 March 2017

Mandy Bonnell➤ is interested in the book as an art form, which has for her a historical affinity with the tradition of the sample or pattern book, in use for hundreds of years. Originally produced to contain explorative examples of assorted textile patterns and needlepoint often taken from plant life, these books were also used for detailed investigative scientific drawings and recordings of nature to document the natural world.” Mandy Bonnell lives and works in London. She received her MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art. She has exhibited internationally and her work has been purchased by numerous private and public collections.





Mandy Bonnell
Mandy Bonnell




Bianca Cork27 March – 7 May 2017

Bianca Cork➤ Bianca’s artwork is rooted in manufacturing, transportation, and technology within urban and rural settings. Many of her most recent pieces have focused on British dockyards. Bianca is interested in the sense of history that surrounds these types of environments and is fascinated by the development of industry and how we embrace cultural and economic change. Bianca Cork has exhibited widely in the UK and in China, Japan, Turkey, USA and Lithuania.





Bianca Cork
Bianca Cork