Artists Helping Artists: Rate My Artist Residency

10 / September / 2016

September 9, 2016

Thanks to our alumni’s feedback, the Scuola is positioned # 3 among 200 programs worldwide in the 10 top rated residencies in 2016.

Rate My Artist Residency➤ is a precious tool for artists who are in the process of selecting an international residency. Through RMRA’s feedback➤ they can verify that the information provided by program’s website is accurate.

Not all our resident artists are printmakers. In fact, we often receive project proposals that have little or nothing to do with printmaking. However, a lot of ‘non printmakers’ fall in love with our printshop, set aside their proposed work schedule and work in the printmaking studio. It is important that the equipment and facilities are fully functioning. We want our resident artists to be immediately operational and this is why we are very particular about providing information that matches with what they will eventually find. Fortunately, a common comment is: “the Scuola actually looks better than on the web”.

Looking for feedback on the Internet is not the only way to ascertain that a program is ‘for real’. There is much other written – or non written – information that may be worth considering. A careful scrutiny is important in order to avoid frustrating, as well as costly experiences.

Social Media and external links
All organizations are likely to have social media profiles. However, it is not hard to understand when they are used as a promotional display, or if a constant flow of activities gets shared on the social. Posts should be frequent, and they should not just be open calls for applications and/or advertisement. When you do a google search, you should expect to find much more than self-referential, self-provided information. When the only external websites that talk about the program are blogs of artists who have worked there, you might have some doubts. It is all but too natural that artists emphasize their participation in a residency, but this might not provide enough information to evaluate its level. Also, there are directories that do not verify the information they receive and publish. So, if you find external links that report workshops, exhibitions, presentations, etc., you may assume that you are looking into a good, active program.

The name of the Program
There are a lot of residencies with an English name that operate in non-English speaking countries. This means that they might be targeting a foreign ‘clientele’, mostly American and British artists. American artists going on any such residency abroad, run the risk to find only other Americans, hardly any locals. Our name is not International School of Graphics. We are the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Italians with an Italian name. We are deeply and proudly rooted in our community: international artists who make art at the Scuola, work side by side with Italians, as well as with other artists from all over the world.

The website
If the residency’s website does not display enough images of its facilities, but beautiful landscapes and close shots of artists at work, then you might start getting suspicious about space and safety in the studio. As a program director, I assure that when you are promoting a residency and your facilities are well equipped, luminous and spacious, they are one of your main ‘selling points’. I am a booster about our printshop and studios and I always make sure that they are displayed in all possible angles, light and perspective!

Lorenzo de Castro