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Venice Artists Residencies


The opportunity to live and work in the Scuola's creative community

Each year 2 fellowships are offered to one member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers→ and to one member of the Boston Printmakers→
This  Fellowship allows the Visiting Guest Artist to have keys and full access to the studios 7 days a week. The residency also includes an exhibition of work by the three selected artists at SGgallery.

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Artist Residency - Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice

Venice Artists Residencies

Visiting Guest Artist Full Fellowship

This position allows for the freedom and time to create new work in the studio.

The invited Visiting Guest Artist Fellow is expected to attend concurrently running  workshops at the Scuola on a weekly basis. The Visiting Guest Artist Fellow is encouraged to integrate with the fabric of the Scuola’s community, while fostering dialogue among artists, both local and international in a dynamic studio setting.

The Visiting Guest Artists are provided with free accommodation in Palazzo Dandolo Parisi.

Partial Fellowships

All members of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers→  Los Angeles Printmaking Society → and Boston Printmakers→ are offered a 10% discount on the residency fees.

This program allows the Resident Artist to have keys and full access to the studios 7 days a week.

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Venice Artists Residencies

Palazzo Dandolo Parisi on the Grand Canal

Our Visiting Guest Artists are granted housing accommodation in a private bedroom in Ca’ Dandolo Parisi on the Grand Canal →

Ca’ Dandolo has been a location for the Venice Art Biennale exhibitions, such as IRAQ’s Pavilion in in 2013 → and 2015 → British artist Stephen Chambers’ COURT OF REDONDA → in 2017 and ARTIVISM by the Auschwitz Institute for Peace + Reconciliation in 2019

All artists who apply for a Partial Fellowship may request accommodation in Palazzo Dandolo at a 10% reduced fee.

Venice Artists Residencies

Staff, Health & Safety in the Laboratories

Our staff provides qualified assistance in the laboratories.
The Scuola is a health–safety certified school and laboratory.
All safety, hygiene, and health features in our premises have been inspected and approved by local authorities. The Scuola uses sustainable water-based inks without the reliance on chemical solvents and considers a green approach to all processes and practice within the studio

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