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Venice Artist Residency

In Venice, since 1969

We organize Artist Residency Programs throughout the year in Venice, Italy, for professional and practising artists.

Our Studio Residencies are open to projects based on Printmaking and the Artists’ Book, as well as different mediums.

Among the international artists who have worked, lectured, taught and exhibited at the Scuola, are Stanley Hayter, Henri Goetz, Michael Mazur, Hughie O’Donoghue, Jack Boul, Yvonne Boag, Stephen Chambers, Jorg Schmeisser, Clare Romano and many others.

Venice Artist Residency

The Program

A Residency at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica offers the unique opportunity to experience Venice as an independent artist integrated into the Scuola’s creative community.

Artists will be able to access the Scuola’s fully equipped laboratories seven days a week, including the holidays.

The residency fees include participation in all of the Scuola’s activities, including courses, workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

Artist Residency

Venice Artist Residency

Sustainable Printmaking

To make our practice more sustainable, over the years we have replaced products that pose a risk with safer alternatives that have less impact on the environment and the artists’ health.

During the residency you will be able to approach these new processes and take an introduction course to sustainable printmaking.

You will thus be able to work on your projects, while increasing your mastery of the new green methods.

Venice Artist Residency

Elective Courses

To use our presses without assistance, less experienced artists have the opportunity to attend an introduction to printmaking course at the cost of 250 euros.

Artists familiar with traditional printmaking techniques can instead  take an introduction course in sustainable printmaking.

This course is a green approach to methods and materials already in use at the Scuola and in the printshops worldwide that are sensible to environmental and sustainability issues.

Artist Residency - Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice
Venice Artist Residency Scuola Internazionale di Grafica

Venice Artist Residency

Presses & Machinery

Hexagon Spoke Intaglio Press 130x65cm | Star Intaglio Press 143x73cm| Star Intaglio Press 125x74cm | 2 Bendini Intaglio Presses 100x50cm | Bendini Intaglio Press 150x70cm | Cast Iron Hexagon Spoke | Intaglio Press 115x62cm | Intaglio Press 100x50cm | 1870 Vertical Platen Press 100x70cm | Erasmus Sutter Lithography Press 80x30cm.

Letterpress: Vandercook Proofing Press N. 4. Printing area: 36cmx48cm
Copper Shear 67cm wide | LMM Electric Paper Cutter 70x72cm opening | Hot Plates (3) 50x27cm-69x49cm | Acid Baths (Slow/Fast Ferric Chloride + Slow/Fast Copper Sulphate) | Horsehide and Neoprene Brayers 19” diameter, 19.5” long | Various lead types | Various larger font blocks, some decorative.

Venice Artists Residencies ⎪ Feedback from our past Resident Artists

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Venice Artist Residency

Staff, Health & Safety in the Laboratories

Our staff provides qualified assistance in the laboratories.

The Scuola is a health-safety certified school and laboratory.

Safety, hygiene and health facilities on our premises have been inspected and approved by local authorities.

The Scuola uses sustainable inks without chemical solvents, considering a green approach to all processes and practices within the studio.

Venice Artist Residency


Each the Scuola offers a fellowship to one member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers→ and one member of the Boston Printmakers→

We provide visiting guest artists with accommodation in a private bedroom in Ca’ Dandolo Parisi on the Grand Canal.

The guild’s members who are not selected for a full fellowship may attend a paid Residency at a 10% discounted fee.