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Calligraphy Course 2019

09 / December / 2018

  •  Friday, 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm, from 1 to 22 February 2019     
  • With Andrea Carrer     
  • Course Fees: € 160.00

Italic Cursive with  flat-tipped pen

The writing of the Renaissance cursive script “Italic”, was born in the first half of the fourteenth century from the need for greater speed and ease of execution.

It is the mother of all the italic styles that are familiar to us. Its signs allow a great personal expressiveness, while keeping a very clear legibility. Due to its characteristics, it was reintroduced into the British school system in the 20th century. In these classes we will focus on the study and exercise of the forms letter by letter, and on the rhythm of writing, the two essential components to create a harmonious page.


First class: February 1, 2019
• Historical introduction
• Instruments
• Preparatory exercises

Second class: February 8, 2019
• Small letters
• The rhythm

Third class: February 15, 2019
• Capital letters

Fourth class: February 22, 2019
• Composition of a simple page