The ERASMUS Experience

14 / December / 2023

Meet Marie Wicht, ERASMUS trainee 2023-2024

Marie Wicht is currently studying Media Design and Space Design at Bergische Universität Wuppertal in Germany, set to complete her Bachelor’s degree in spring 2024.

Marie is interviewed by Roberta Feoli, our Erasmus coordinator.

How did you find out about the existence of the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica?
I learned about Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia through a German university teacher who studied there in the ’80s.

What did you find different than what you expected?
The experience differed from my expectations by focusing on sustainability in daily activities, utilizing sustainable and innovative products. It involved both new and traditional techniques and ways to combine them.

What has been the person or event that has most characterized your Erasmus experience so far?
Alessia, the printshop manager, played a crucial role in my Erasmus experience, teaching all techniques and guiding every printmaking process. Additionally, interacting with artists in residence from multiple fields improved my understanding of printmaking and beyond.

What did you learn that was completely new?
During my time at Scuola, I learned about sustainable printmaking techniques and contemporary printmaking methods like collagraph and monotype.

What kind of people surround you in your daily life at Scuola?
The daily environment is enriched by experienced and kind women/artists who generously share their knowledge. I’m always surrounded by very diverse people with varied technical and conceptual approaches.

You are also working on a personal project; what does the Erasmus experience in the print shop add to your personal artistic research?
The Erasmus experience contributes to my personal artistic research by providing steady support and advice in the Scuola. Additionally, there is inspiration from several sources, such as the daily printshop activities, interactions with artists in residence and workshop participants, exploring the archive, and using the selected library.

Would you stay longer to gain experience at the Print shop?
I would extend my stay at the print shop because of the many possibilities to learn, as well as the constant inspiration from the people around and the rich history of the Scuola, which can be discovered.

Would you recommend the Erasmus experience at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia, and if so, to what type of student? What do you already need to get the best life experience from this trip?
I recommend the Erasmus experience at the Scuola, particularly to individuals eager to learn new approaches or expand their knowledge, possessing manual skills, and a willingness to engage actively. For the best experience, I believe interest, curiosity, open-mindedness, and social skills are important.