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The Artists’ Book & Bookbindibg Course 2019

11 / December / 2018

“So to speak” Creativity Talks

Friday, 14:00 – 18:00, 11 January – 17 May  2019

Taught by Franco Vecchiet, Roberta Feoli, Sioban Piercy, Meri Gorni and Andrea Buffolo

• Complete Program Fees (19 classes – 76 hours) €665.00
• 1-month fees (4 classes – 16 hours) €154.00
• 1-month fees (3 incontri – 12 hours) €115.50
• 1-afretnoon class (4 hours) €40,00



January 2019 – 3 classes with Franco Vecchiet. Project of a Book

11–25 January, 2–6pm

11 January
History and structure of the book;
Giving shape to ideas rhrough schetches and dummies;
Fold-out book, pop-out and folder.
18 January
Text & images: relief printing;
Creating 8 and 16 pages books from one sheet of paper.
25 Gennaio
Print & Collage;
Creating a limited edition

February 2019 – 4 classes with Franco Vecchiet. Realization of a Book

1 – 22 February, 2–6pm

8 February
Collage: history, materials and technique with our guest artist Déirdre Kelly.
15 February
Images and words;
Different solutions for printing the text.
22 February
Japanese Binding;
Hard cover and flexible cover.
1 March
Final binding of fascicles;
Variations of Japanese binding.

March 2019 – 4 classes with Sioban Piercy. “the Sculpure Book”

8 – 29 March, 2–6pm

Through elaborate folds, visiting guest artist  Sioban Piercy→ will make us transform prints and drawings into sculptures.
The classes will lead us towards a different way of presenting an artist’s book.

8 March
Presentation of the artist, example of works, and beginning of matrix processing (monotype or linoleum)

15 March
Print time on different papers and different copies

22 March

Folding examples and realization
29 March
Conclusion and time to sign the books
Installation of works for photos
Students who  possess linoleum matrices or thin plastic sheets for monotype are invited to bring with them these materials.


April 2019 – 4 classes with Meri Gorni.“New Life”

5 – 26 April, 2–6pm

How to give new life to objects, images and thoughts;
Building a new book with collage, printing techniques and paper recovery.

April 5 (with Meri Gorni)
How to transform an old book into a new one. All participants will receive a book (the same for everyone) and, through various recycling proposals, each participant will design and create his own one

April 12 (with Meri Gorni)
Design and create a book and a bookmark with recycled papers

April 19 (with Manuela Piovesan)
Recycled words

April 26 (with Meri Gorni and Manuela Piovesan)

Conclusion of works / Recycling a dream, a journey, a poem for a book to realize for oneself, over time


May 2019 -3 classes with Andrea Buffolo & Roberta Feoli. “Books kissed by the sun: Cyanotype”

3 – 17 May, 2 – 6pm

Cyanotype, created by the English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel in 1842, is a photographic print technique recognizable by the marvelous deep blue, which allows the printing of images on paper, wood and fabric. Starting from the technique, we will try to create an overlap of two images that describe who we are and what we hide inside. Our body will be the first step / object to be fixed on paper with the sun’s rays that will “kiss” the self-portrait while, in a second step, objects and images will be printed. In addition to our portrait on fabric or paper, we will also create a small, instant accordion book with portraits of friends and loved ones to take with us.

3 May
History of  Cyanotype, presentation of the works of the ‘Maestro’ Andrea Buffolo and  preparation of paper.
Examples and experimentation.

May 10
Impressions and work with the sun to fix images and print overlays.

May 17
Creation of a mini-istant accordion book- made without the use of glues.

Participants must bring with them:
– Small and thin objects: leaves, flowers, semi-transparent fabrics and embroidery
– Photographs, images and small format drawings already printed in negative on trasparent paper
– Black markers of various thicknesses and sizes
– Paper of various sizes or cotton fabric