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Intaglio Printmaking Course Polymerprint

05 / February / 2019

Danish method of Henrik Bøegh with Caroline Koenders

4 classes
25 February – 4-11-18 March 2019

• Course Fees €154.00
• 1-Afternoon Class (4 hours) €40,00

HENRIK BØEGH (Danish author and engraver) Founder of “The Printmakers’ Experimentariumin Copenhagen” in 1997 is one of the undisputed masters of less toxic research. His book “Handbookof Non-Toxic Intaglio” publishedin Danish, English, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch and French isone of the most complete and important book about the less-toxicscene. Caroline Koenders guest artist of the Scuola, following the teachingsof the Master will propose his technique related to the use of photopolymers.
Participants are invited to bring with them 2 images printed on transparent paper of maximum size 15x15cm. The first in black and white and the second in shades of gray.

25 February
Meeting the artist. Conversation about the work, technique and how to print. Questions and ideas about the theme and the image to print chosen by the students.

4 March
Preparation of copper plates and etching with polymer. Black and white print.

11 March
Printing the photopolymer with shades of grey.

8 March
Etching and printing the cliché.

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A whole world is hidden behind the abstract images in the work of Caroline Koenders. Her prints may seem to be just a collection of black dots but in essence those forms create a silent world that one wants to live in.