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Woodcut Course 2019–2020

31 / July / 2019

Woodcut – or Relief Intaglio- is the oldest printmaking technique. Originally, precious wood blocks were used, but throughout the centuries, blocks of all types of different woods and materials have been utilized. Woodcut has developed into a more flexible medium, and can be used in both traditional and modern ways:– ranging from black and white to colours; from miniature prints to large format; from the artist’s book to printing onto various types of card, cardboards and unconventional materials.
A very specific but at the same time varied field, has come to life in the world of woodcut. Different and often unforeseen results can be achieved, as artists reach their objectives through a wide range & means of expressions.



Part 1 – Woodcut from black and white to color
Franco Vecchiet / Alessia De Bortoli

14 October
• The importance and centrality of Woodcut;
• Historical notes and examples. Woodcuts from the Scuola’s collection;
• Tools & materials.

21 October
• Black and white woodcut;
• The project, various wooden tablets;
• The work of engraving;
• Papers for printing.

28 October
• Printing inks; traditional oil-based inks; non-toxic water-based inks;
• Printing: rollers, inking, proofs, register;
• Dry and wet paper.

4 November
• Color printing with multiple plates;
• Processing of the second and more matrixes;
• The importance of register in using multiple matrixes;
• Colour printing: possibilities and problems.

11 November
• Printed colored background ;
• Chine collé;
• The edition;
• The numbering, the artist’s proof, the signature.

Part 2 – from traditional to contemporary woodcut
Franco Vecchiet / Alessia De Bortoli

• The disposable matrix or reduction method;
• The various possibilities and contaminations of the reduction method;
• Linoleum.

25 November
• Processing and printing of reduction matrixes;
• Different materials used as woodcut matrixes;
• Embossing.

2 December
• Continued processing and printing of the reduction matrix;
• Cardboard, a new vision in printing techniques;
• Engraving of matrixes of different materials.

9 December
• Printing of matrices of various materials;
• The possibilities of different materials combined with various printing techniques.

16 December
• Experiences in the variety of contemporary printmaking;
• Printing of individual projects.

Part 3 – Japanese Woocut: the Mokuhanga Technique
Robin Frood / Alessia De Bortoli

13 January
• The traditional techniques of Japanese printing.

20 January
• Contemporary Japanese printing techniques.

27 January
• Forms of presentation of Japanese prints;
• Collective project and variable edition printing.


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