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Lithography Course 2020

23 / September / 2019

The quality of an original lithograph depends on many different artisitic and technical factors, from the personality of the artist to the use of the expressive qualities of the materials, from the compact strucure of the calcium carbonate stone to the grain of the aluminium or zinc plate, from the soft touch of the crayon to the amount of acid or gum arabic, from the particular characteristics of the inks to the pressure of the press.
In this 4 classes workshop the participants will gradually get acquainted with the various materials and techniques of lithography. Each participant will realize lithographic works while at the same time learning the various technical solutions.

Jemma Gunning

Working on personal projects and commissions, Jemma’s practice explores the documentation of urban and industrial decline. She exhibits frequently in the UK and internationally. Alongside her practice she works as a printmaking instructor at the University of the West of England specialsing in lithography and intaglio processes. This year she was elected as a new member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, based at Bankside Gallery.