Venice Artists Residencies Application Form

To participate in a Studio Residency, all artists are required to submit this online application.

The costs for residencies are outlined within the application.

Personal Information

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Residency Information

Supported Techniques

At the Scuola, artists can work on 8 etching presses, a vertical press for woodcut, a typographic press for letterpress.
  • We do not support Serigraphy and Photoetching as there is no exposure unit.
  • We do not support Stone Lithography. Alternative method available is Lithography on Pronto Plate.
  • Alternative methods are available for creating Aquatints using substitutes for the traditional Aquatint box and rosin.
  • Oil and Encausting painting are not allowed in our studio.
One of the distinguishing features of our studio is its commitment to providing a less toxic environment for artists. For those who may not be familiar with sustainable printmaking methods, we extend an invitation to attend our introduction courses. These courses are designed to familiarize artists with the techniques and practices necessary to work in our facilities while minimizing environmental impact.

Art Supplies & Materials

These materials are available to everyone: etching grounds, soft ground, abrasive powders, detergents, bites (ferric chloride, copper sulphate),  black ink for etching and typography, proof paper and vellum paper. Other equipment is available only on a limited basis (glue, acrylics, permanent markers, masking tape, cutters, carborundum, tarlatan). You are required to provide your own materials, including brushes and pencils. Gloves, tarlatan, coloured inks, etching paper, copper, aluminium, wood and zinc can be purchased from the Studio or in local stores. Special care must be taken with use of Scuola equipment and in particular to return all such equipment back to where it belongs after use. Equipment is never to be removed from the Scuola. Each morning a staff member checks all equipment, printing characters, inks, rollers, brushes etc: Books in the studio & library are to be returned to their place after consultation and are never to be taken out of the Scuola.

Dates and Fees

Studio Residencies without Housing Accommodation are offered for periods from 1 to 12 weeks.
Studio Residencies with Housing Accommodation are offered for periods from 2 to 4 weeks.
Fees include 7 days a week access to the studio from 8:30am to 8:30pm.

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Housing Preferences

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Elective Courses

You may attend two elective courses of the duration of 8 hours each:
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