Artips. Painting ‘en plein air’

16 / April / 2016

April 14, 2016

Painting plein air with a Venetian artist: Sestiere di Cannaregio (Cannaregio neighborhood)

Spotlight on a series of location which are particularly suited for plein air work. Matilde Dolcetti will take you away from the crowded tourist routes, in hidden spots that have been selected because of their landscape, beauty, light, spacial elements and tranquillity. Let’s start with Cannaregio, the ‘sestiere’ where the Scuola is located.

Fondamenta San Giobbe, Ponte dei Tre Archi ➤

On the Rio di Cannaregio, this is a spot with a special view on the canal and interesting architectural perspectives. Even though this location is just a few steps away from a busy walkway, the ‘Strada Nova‘, you will always find it quiet and peaceful.

Fondamenta Case Nove ➤

Turn your back to Case Nove (not very nice new buildings): you will find comfortable benches in the shade facing Rio San Girolamo. Broader view of Canale delle Sacche.

Campo Madonna dell’Orto ➤

The Madonna dell’Orto is a beautiful church where you can see an amazing series of 10 Tintoretto paintings, as well as beautiful works by Palma il Giovane and Cima da Conegliano. In the Campo you will find peace, interesting perspectives, a lovely view on the Rio Madonna dell’Orto and of the church.

Campo dell’Abazia alla Misericordia➤
In this Campo you will find a wide variety of views: the abbey’s main door, the well, the porch and the Canale di Noale.

In the next exporation Matilde will take us to 3 new locations in Cannaregio: Rii dietro Santa Fosca; Campo S.ta Maria Maddalena; Fondamenta Labia.